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Known by name Luana Silense as an artist since 1999, or to be more exact better known since 2002 when my work became quite popular as wallpapers since I entered wallpapers.ru and DeviantArt. Now many of those pictures scattered around in various artwork collections and even stolen by countless websites.

In 2010 I discovered many amazing Visionary artists all over the World and was pround to get connected with them even through web, I do hope to meet with them someday:-) for they're my Cosmic family for sure..

I was dreaming to play music since early childhood. I was also interested in recording nature sounds, in early years I did it with old giant tape recorder, I was walking with it through the forest and recorded frogs singing in flooded meadows in spring and various birds:-) unfortunately I can't find those records now..

Now I publish my music and sound experiments under the name Lu Niu itOkashi MaYiKA. I decided it had to be some different name, not the one I was popular with as visual artist.

Lu Niu - is my Chinese name I chose at calligraphy lesson at Pustye Holmy (Hollow Hills) festival in 2011.

In itOkashi - there are two words combined - ito okashi - that was my favourite song from experimental U2 album published as Passengers. If you read the translation of the song you'd understand why I chose it as a part of my name:-)

MaYiKA - came to me in 2016 in the day before the Day out of Time by Mayan calendar. It was Red Solar Earth day. We were at Seidjavvr - saami sacred lake - for the first time. I went to sunny and windy 'balcony' - the sightseeing hi place over small mineral lake inside the forest. I came there to sing with my ukulele. I found some new chords I could use in a new song, and then sand with them spontaneously in Universal language. This was the last word of the song. It came byitself very alive. And I understood that was MY name! I was born in May 13 - very Mayan date:-)) My mother said she wanted to give me the name Maya, but she was afraid other children would mock at me and call Mayka (which means 'shirt' in Russian). I told her I wouldn't care. So in the end I've found it was really my name! Now I add it to the tracks with Universal singing:-)

There are also two of my favourite sound projects I play in - RumbiafffRAktALL and Pesni Drevnego Lesa (I will publish some of our selected music here)
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